Saturday, June 02, 2007

Will I burn in flames of my love for you
Or will I burn in flames of infernal punishment
Will I burn or will I parish like your smile after my death
Will I see you from above and grant you happiness
Will I realize forgiving is deserving and deserving nonexistent
Or shall I just rot in oblivion of worms and cold of your absence
Pace this pointless path of my unsettling mind
And for once I demand – don’t try to be kind
Maybe wait another day
Your eyes from this envy of my rest clear away
Amuse me with the irony of my stillness and your pain
Fallen rose and dash of earthly dust that I will become
Tighter and tighter your throat will clench
And your nostrils fill up with your evil’s stench
Tale of my tears you’ll rewrite with your blood as ink
And in resent of your own mistaken ignorance you shall sink
Should you have not? For the grant of my submissive smile
Wasn’t even bigger than your crackled kitchen tile
Venom for your soul in these fiery rhymes you might find
Given that you managed to outgrow your current state of mind
Battered, torn and easily reborn
This love I had for you will once again find your thorn
And don’t you dare ever ignore something so pure
You dared with your seduction to oblivion to lure
For I will hunt you from within shadows of your fears
And bleed you will
Of my fitted body, bleed will creases in your skin

Weep away my disgusting lovely love
Does me motionless finally make you cry
Do I hear of your nonexistent heart painful sigh?
For even if I burn I will beg
In a dessert of your emotions I will wait
To see your lies flow away and your eyes without glaze
You once told me was your unmistaken loving haze

Die… already, love….

some fun shots in Lighthouse park - and a sad realization i need a better camera :(

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