Saturday, August 11, 2007


how contagious is this feeling of weight
and did I inherit it from you, my teacher
i was born in the age of gray
have my eyes blinded from the rare of white
crickets and the drops of morning rain
in the fields of my early childhood
those worn out boots you wore
i have stolen and replaced with shiny ones
thinking that your laces no longer will go places
and your hair will not smell of foreign lands
winds of change have blown all horizons in reverse
your pearl white smile i've mistaken for a star
like a postcard absent of the feeling of love
missing is my body from the turmoil of flight
next to you yet missing you i hear of you only in my dreams
shells from seaside shore i've collected for no aim
carmen mia i don't know where you've left
but sounds of violin i no longer hear
and my heart shears like a parchment of soaked paper
for everything i know i have seized to know
and everything i feel no longer is in me

twirling leaf of grass - sucking juice of nature
speechless is reflection of my face in your water
naked body crushing leaves of dried out grass
and the waves your curves crinkle in the surface
speak i beg for no longer i can take
the silence you have doomed me to in this world of flat
dive out black your body will
and white will shine no matter how (un)white it is

finally you say a word - my name you say it is
and that very moment that same word i forget

leave me - for ignorance i choose to easier live

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