Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ab Initio with Monserrat

I can never write this story. The story of two emotional misfits trying love. Or should I say one?

Broken december night. You cute. Sharing nothing but sweetest of words. Hearts broken, warmth wanted. My lines crudely drawn. Took you months to see the lips u craved during our slightly indecent phone conversations. So many nights you kept me warm with your persistancee and sweetness. I slowly sunk in beauty of the freedom you gave me. Everything seemed right.
Cold February night and my eyes nervously glancing over your hands. First time I see the most beautiful brown eyes shimmering under stale yellow streetlights. Your boy-like steps and a smile that creeped straight down to my heart. My hand wrapped in yours, my body feeding on the warmth of your blazer pocket. Our breaths preceeding our rushed steps down the key. Not so distant rigid industrial noises and something romantic in the unbearable chill of your fingers on my back. Scent irresistable and glancing looks. Irresistable silence - shimmer of your eyes slinking down my lips. Sticky tasty kiss full of colors in that boring black chilly night.

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