Sunday, July 09, 2006

of indulgence shadows dancing in the dark
her teeth clenching - on his neck of her inhibitions mark
closed is her heart but open is her body
this forbidden feeling craved long ago

in the corner crumbled - left alone to die
this dark room is no longer glowing - there isn't even a sigh
two bodies strange and dry - lying sledom here
here where even love is capable of dying

on his body fingertrails - still shivering of her
his hand away from hers - two plastic clueless dolls
in craving of denied - unaware of their hungry souls

like the branches of rotten trees crackling in the wind
bending are her thoughts towards space within
this distance apart makes him feel like dead
for last night, it seemed, it wasn't this cold

this cold, in this bed...


Anonymous said...

you left me?

kolorit said...

hey - your comment is intriguing me. I do not understand. please explain.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Cookie !

Mister David here in Vanc.
Every day I search deep into my mailbox.
Get back to me thru MSN.

Anonymous said...


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